Welcome to FashionWholesale24. We are glad that you’re here. 

We’ve been working in the textile industry for pretty much our entire lives.

We used to be in the B2C business, but now we’re designing, sourcing, and buying unique material from around the world and selling it directly to you. 

Our 2000 m² warehouse contains over 300,000 items. Your biggest advantage will be, that you only have to order what you need. You will be able to plan your business right and without overstock!

We are efficient. Our eco friendly production factory is responsibly sourced so you can feel good about the sustainable textile you purchase from us.

And unlike the big, inefficient retailers, we have some really cool, one-of-a-kind designs. Mass-produced, but expert craftsmanship and distinctive finishes. It’s modern and it will speak to you, too.

Find what you want, you can order it online! We’ll deliver it to your warehouse! We like to keep things simple. Thanks again for stopping at FashionWholesale24.